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Starting psychotherapy is a courageous step.
It shows an awareness, a feeling that "something is wrong" and an inner will to move towards"better" It is also a time that we give ourselves, that we offer ourselves to learn to love and respect each other.


It allows you to give yourself a choice.
I accompany adults in difficult moments of life, of great disarray: big changes, birth, separation, mourning...


  • Accompanying women in their life problems: how to live one's femininity today, the desire or lack of desire to have children, motherhood, the post-partum period, relationships...

  • Supporting young adults and older adults with problems such as addictions and eating


  • Accompanying men in their daily problems, as well as in the emergence and acceptance of their sensitivity.

All these subjects which can make that sometimes, we do not know any more who we are, we do not know any more which direction to give to our life, where our place is, which is our way...

I will accompany you with all my authenticity, my sensitivity, my kindness and my gentleness.
My intention is to let your "inner self"  emerge, at your own pace and with your own uniqueness.

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