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At the crossroads of the different currents of psychoanalysis, humanistic therapies and mind-body
approaches, Psycho-Organic Analysis (POA) aims to give the person the means to envisage a
transformation by alleviating his suffering, relieving his symptoms, reconnecting with his vital
impulse, and by listening to the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of his being.


The psycho-organic analyst accompanies this process by ensuring an attentive and sensitive presence to the manifestations of the patient's unconscious and the experience of his body. The
transformation takes place at the level of the psychic dynamics of the person in the sense of a
progressive well-being and blossoming.

To achieve this, several proposals and areas of work will be proposed according to the patient's

I am convinced that the body's memory is much more powerful than that of our brain.
The body remembers, it does not lie.

Therapeutic work respecting your rhythm will allow you to give meaning to the traumatic events of
your life, to find confidence and self-esteem well anchored in the center of each one, to take a new way, towards appeasement.

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