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I have a deep trust in Human beings. I see the "healthy core" in each of us. I have at heart to
accompany each of my patients in their blossoming, on their own path, at their own pace.
I have made my passion my profession, by accompanying the being to discover and accept
himself in his truth and his entirety.

Deeply affected by the distress caused by addictions of all kinds, I decided to focus my practice on
this issue. Following my general education, I decided to specialize in behavioral addictions such
as eating disorders, gambling addictions and substance addictions. In these situations, it is usually
a question of a difficulty to manage feelings and emotions in connection with a hypersensitivity and/or hyperempathy. My experience will lead me to be particularly attentive to this subject during my consultations.


I am also very sensitive to issues related to Femininity as a whole, as broad and numerous as they
may be, and I have trained in Postpartum support for women, eating disorders as well as violence
and other sexual abuse.

I did a ten year long personal psychoanalytical work which allowed me to know myself well, to explore and to channel my resources. This analysis was necessary to practice my profession and continues to make me the therapist I am today: whole, caring, honest, present and listening.


My trainings

Training in Psychotherapy - French School of Organic Psychoanalysis (EFAPO)

Psychiatric hospital Department of Behavioral and Product Addictions Internship - MGEN

Post-Partum Support Training - Entre Terres de Mères

Addictive behaviors in adolescence Training – FormationPsy

Attachment disorders and addictions Training - FormationPsy

Incest and Sexual Abuse Training - FormationPsy

Traumatism Clinic - Institut Ayana

Committed to a process of continuous analysis of my professional practice, I am also a signatory
member of the code of ethics of the EFAPO, the PSYAPO (French Society of Psycho-Organic
Analysts) and the FF2P (French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis)

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